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Twelve Ways to Increase Profits with Vesto

A Global Crypto Banking, DeFi and Transaction Protocol

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Vesto believes in the transformative power of blockchain technologies and its potential to permanently change the financial industries forever. Incumbent business models are increasingly under pressure from emerging technologies and newer business models. In a future world of banking and finance, traditional intermediaries will be replaced, and cloud-based platforms will enable new markets, giving birth to a new, decentralized, peer-to-peer economy.

Introducing Vesto and its TechnologyVesto provides an easy-to-use yet powerful gateway into the cryptocurrency ecosystem
Vesto to Offer Portfolio of DeFi Products for Traditional Financial Institutions and Businesses

Vesto has partnered with Element Finance and Yearn Finance to deliver an industry-first portfolio of DeFi products specifically designed to meet the unique risk tolerances and yield generation goals of traditional financial service organizations and businesses.

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