Vesto Launches on Mainnet for Decentralized Financial Services, Crypto-Linked Offerings

End-to-End Protocol Supports Multi-Token Integration via Ethereum, Polygon

Vesto, a comprehensive, multi-token protocol for decentralized financial services (DeFi), today announced that it has gone live on mainnet. The protocol is facilitating transactions with customers, such as Oldham Global, demonstrating successful integrations after an extensive testing period and security audit review with ChainSecurity.

The mainnet launch allows Vesto to access a larger pool of clients and partners and expand its offerings and use cases for the diverse services its protocol affords. The announcement comes on the heels of a partnership with Element Finance to bring DeFi to a wider swath of traditional financial institutions as demands for attractive yields and related neo-banking services increase. Other strategic Vesto partners and licensors include Circle, Yearn, MakerDAO, Onfido, Plaid and FinClusive.

Read the full press release here.