Vesto's CEO Chris McGregor speaks with the @cryptohipster on the Irish Tech News Podcast about Vesto's multi-token protocol for institutional DeFi adoption.

Listen to Vesto's CEO, Christopher McGregor, discuss how institutions are adopting DeFi with Vesto's multi-token protocol on The Irish Tech News Podcast with Jamil Hasan (@cryptohipster).

On this episode, Christopher and Jamil cover Vesto’s:

  • Gateway to decentralized services for institutions that eases the crypto learning curve
  • Mainnet launch that represents a turning point in the decentralized financial services industry
  • Simultaneous utilization of Ethereum for yield and Polygon for low-cost payments
  • Partnerships with Element Finance, Finclusive, Circle, Yearn, Maker, Ethereum, and Polygon to provide end-to-end solutions for institutions
  • Regulatory and compliance solutions via KYC/AML and Vesto’s smart, multisig wallet
  • Future prospects in the world of NFTs

Listen here