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Vesto News01/20/2021
Vesto proudly welcomes Welcomes Enrique Nassim Zablah to our Team!We are glad to welcome Enrique Nassim Zablah to the Vesto Team as the Honduras Country Manager. Enrique joins Vesto at a critical time in history. As of this year, top bank regulators are supporting and providing guidance that stablecoins...
Vesto Team
Vesto News01/14/2021
Vesto proudly welcomes Welcomes Oscar Márquez-Mees to our Team!We are glad to welcome Oscar Márquez-Mees to the Vesto team as our new Managing Director LATAM. Oscar joins Vesto with a rich and long array of professional experience, that makes him an ideal match with Vesto’s purposes....
Vesto Team
Vesto News12/08/2020
Vesto proudly welcomes Nisa Amoils to its board of advisors.Such a pleasure and an honor to have Nisa join our Advisor Team! As Vesto goes “live” in the marketplace this Q1 - 2021....
Vesto Team
Vesto News11/24/2020
Vesto proudly welcomes Ben Cade to its board of advisors.Vesto is today proud to announce that cyber security and growth tech expert Ben Cade has joined the team as we accelerate our mission to disrupt digital banking....
Vesto Team
Vesto News11/18/2020
Vesto proudly welcomes Lou Kerner to its board of advisors.US, UK, and Germany-based Vesto is proud to have Lou Kerner join its elite team of advisors. Lou was a Wall Street analyst and company Founder before becoming a VC and emerging as one of the most followed thought leaders in the crypto industry globally....
Vesto Team
Vesto News11/02/2020
Vesto partners with OnfidoUS and Germany-based Vesto is partnering with global identity verification and authentication provider, Onfido, in its quest to provide the most secure and transparent crypto banking-as-a-service solution - now with banking grade KYC (“Know Your Customer” – i.e. customer identity verification)....
Vesto Team
Vesto News09/14/2020
Vesto - Coincover Press ReleaseFollowing up from Professor Carsten Bartsch's (CMO of Vesto) article this month, I'm excited that Vesto and Coincover have formerly announced their partnership. This again demonstrates that Vesto is at the forefront of Crypto Banking-as-a-Service tech globally....
Travis McGregor
Vesto News09/08/2020
The Safest Crypto Solution You Can Find
Carsten Bartsch
Vesto News08/25/2020
A new era in cryptobanking!
Carsten Bartsch
Vesto News08/26/2020
Vesto Featured on Digital Perspectives with Brad KimesVesto's own Chris McGregor, Wolfgang Decker, and Travis McGregor discuss the Vesto platform and the future of banking with Brad Kimes...
Vesto Team
Vesto News08/12/2020
Vesto - The Secure Cryptocurrency Solution
Carsten Bartsch
Vesto News07/27/2020
Vesto MVP Press Release - Crypto Banking-as-a-Service
Travis McGregor
Banks in US Can Now Offer Crypto Custody Services, Regulator Says
Nikhilesh De
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