Turnkey digital asset infrastructure for businesses.

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Two-token multi-chain protocol
High-interest yield (up to 15%)
Seamless fiat on/off ramp

Our Protocol

Multi-chain Integration

Bridging the best of both worlds
  • Ethereum blockchain: Vesto's protocol lives on Ethereum to enable decentralized services, including Element’s high fixed yield and Yearn Vaults
  • Polygon blockchain: Vesto’s protocol lives on Polygon for faster and less expensive transactions and communicates with Ethereum via Polygon’s FxPortal
  • Bridge: Token minting on Ethereum and bulk transfer to Polygon in a single, trustless transaction

Decentralized Finance

The fully automated money market without intermediaries
  • Yield up to 15%: Uninterrupted two-token yield optimization using Element'sfixed rate protocol and Yearn Vaults while utilizing the minted token on Polygon
  • Fixed interest rates: Institutions have the ability to customize and set users' interest rates
  • Instant liquidity: Add or withdraw assets at any time
  • Daily payouts: Receive interest payments daily
  • Insured: Protection provided in partnership with Nexus Mutual

Compliance and Secure Wallet Services

The Vesto multisig wallet – secure storage, management, and compliance services for crypto assets
  • Multisig Wallet: Support for Bitcoin, Dai, USDC and ERC20, with multiple key security: hot storage by Vesto and cold storage by Coincover
  • Private User Key: The user’s private key is generated in the user’s device to ensure no transaction takes place without the user’s consent
  • Compliance: Rapid onboarding and “Know Your Customer/Business/Transaction” for regulatory and compliance oversight (KYC, KYB, KYT)

Fiat on/off Ramp

Convert Fiat to Crypto Instantly
  • Instant conversion: Convert fiat currency to crypto and vice versa
  • Support of stablecoin: Designed to minimize volatility, stablecoins are vital for maintaining a stable portfolio and acting as a medium of exchange (e.g. in retail, e-commerce, or NFT transactions)
  • Easy access via Plaid: Link to any existing online bank account to use Wire/ACH/SEPA
  • Partnerships: Fiat rails facilitated by FinClusive and stablecoins provided by Circle (USDC) and MakerDAO (Dai)

Crypto Token Services

Flexible and extensible token architecture supporting payment, and NFTs
  • Two-token payment strategy: USDC tokens are placed in interest generating DeFi while corresponding vUSDC utility tokens are minted and used for Polygon transactions, optimizing yield and gas fees
  • Bridge to alternative networks: Allows for extension to future emerging or specialist chains optimized for selected assets or niche use cases
  • Token Standards: Supports leading standards on the Ethereum blockchain, (e.g., ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155, ERC1400) that cover payment tokens natively or wrapped, and standards for NFT art

Bringing Crypto to the Unbanked & Underbanked

An estimated 2.3B people in the world are underbanked. With instant low-fee remittance, easy digital onboarding, and no minimum deposit high-yield savings, Vesto is proud to support the unbanked and underbanked on its platform.

How it Works

1. Unbanked person receives wages via stablecoins through Vesto (or white labeled) app.
2. Unbanked person sends money as cryptocurrency via app from wherever they are to anywhere in the world for very low fees.
3. Recipient receives money instantaneously through the app and pays no fees.
4. Both users can visit local participating ATMs or merchants to withdraw cash, and now have access to advanced banking services like high-yield savings and instant loans.

News & Thoughts

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Vesto Partners with Latamex to Add Fiat-Crypto On/Off Ramp into LatAm
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