Vesto’s Corporate Treasury Product

Watch your money grow

Earn market leading yield and transact simultaneously.

Built on Vesto's infrastructure, our corporate treasury product converts fiat
into USDC for low-risk, high-yield returns via CeFi.

While earning yield on initial deposits, customers can use equivalent
tokens to transact easily on the blockchain.

How it works

Before Vesto

Customer deposits fiat into bank. For a nominal fee, bank keeps money secure.

Bank then holds onto money and generates profits by reinvesting deposited funds.

Deposit is parked and customer cannot use it to transact.

With Vesto

Customer sends fiat to Vesto platform and Vesto converts into USDC.

Vesto mints equivalent tokens into secure multi-sig wallet and deposits underlying USDC into CeFi to earn high yield.

Customer can transact on the blockchain with equivalent tokens, while their initial deposit continues to earn yield.

Our trusted partners offer higher yields* than traditional markets.

* Lending options range from open (instant liquidity) to locked term, with higher yields for longer term periods and larger deposit amounts.

Why Vesto?

Earn market-leading yield: Multiple best-in-breed CeFi lender relationships combined with high AUM provide attractive yield
Transact with assets via equivalent tokens: Equivalent tokens can be used for transactions while underlying assets simultaneously earn yield
Convert fiat to USDC and park in CeFi: Vesto’s custom protocol streamlines conversion and moving of assets and eliminates associated fees
Mitigate risk: Vesto provides a compliant multisig wallet and signing policy for the highest level of security

Provide corporate treasury to your customer with your branding.
White label our infrastructure and start your corporate treasury journey today.

Help your business thrive. Grow your wealth today.


Stay competitive with Vesto's innovative tech.