Bringing crypto to banks.

Vesto’s turnkey crypto solution for banks and other financial institutions transforms the way the world uses money.
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High-interest yield (average 15%*) with Vesto DeFi
Conversion of traditional currency into cryptocurrency
Support for Bitcoin, Dai, USDC, & other ERC20 tokens
Secure storage and insurance of digital assets

*Variable based on daily DeFi protocols

Vesto’s white label banking platform combines crypto technologies with digital services into an easy to use, end-to-end product for financial institutions.

With Vesto, your customers will experience the benefits of crypto within the familiar setting of an online bank.

Our Crypto Offerings

Decentralized Finance

Increase your yield with Vesto’s DeFi Protocol
  • Average yield of 15%: Yield optimization protocols include Staked, dYdX, Aave, Compound, Fulcrum, and MakerDAO DSR
  • Insured up to $500k: Protection provided in partnership with Coincover and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London Insurers
  • Instant liquidity: Add or withdraw funds at any time
  • Daily payouts: Receive interest payments daily

Custodial Services

Utilize Vesto as the Custodian of Trust™
  • Multisig Wallet: Support for Bitcoin, Dai, USDC and ERC20, with triple-keyed security
  • KYC: Rapid onboarding and “Know Your Customer” for regulatory and compliance oversight
  • AML: Anti-money laundering and fraud prevention
  • 3-Key Security: Hot storage by Vesto, cold storage by Coincover, plus user device generated key

Fiat on/off ramp

Convert Fiat to Crypto Instantly
  • Instant conversion: Convert fiat currency to crypto and vice versa
  • Support of stablecoin: Provide the stability of traditional currency and the flexibility of cryptocurrency
  • Easy access: Link any existing online bank account
  • Partnerships: Fiat rails facilitated by Prime Trust and stablecoins provided by Circle (USDC) and MakerDAO (Dai)

Payments, Transfers, and Cross-Border Remittance

Provide Traditional Banking Services at the Speed of Crypto
  • Instant Settlement: International Remittance and P2P Transfers
  • Vesto Cash: Digital assets via ATM
  • Powered by Stablecoin: Pegs value to USD, stabilizes currencies worldwide
  • Sidechain Support: Integration with Polygon (Matic) sidechain for instant and low cost transactions

How it Works

Bringing Crypto to the Unbanked & Underbanked

An estimated 2.3B people in the world are underbanked. With instant low-fee remittance, easy digital onboarding, and no minimum deposit high-yield savings, Vesto is proud to support the unbanked and underbanked on its platform.

How it Works

1. Unbanked person receives wages via stablecoins through Vesto (or white labeled) app.
2. Unbanked person sends money as cryptocurrency via app from wherever they are to anywhere in the world for very low fees.
3. Recipient receives money instantaneously through the app and pays no fees.
4. Both users can visit local participating ATMs or merchants to withdraw cash, and now have access to advanced banking services like high-yield savings and instant loans.

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Vesto and Oldham Global Announce a Strategic Partnership To Provide Alternative Pharmaceutical Financing
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